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This year has been one of exciting change and evolution for Vallarino Fine Art.  We have moved into a beautiful townhouse at 222 East 49th street. Our new space is perfect for exhibiting works of art in situ, allowing collectors to visualize works in their own apartments, homes and environments.  
We continue to pursue acquisitions from the post-war period of Abstract American art with great passion. As times change, we continue to keep reinventing ourselves and our growth in both knowledge as well as our desire to learn is paramount in keeping us current. In that same vein, we are very pleased to introduce VFA Contemporary.
During the past year we have been dedicated to analyzing and purchasing contemporary artworks that we perceive serve as a link between the past and present, but more importantly, we believe will be significant enough to influence future generations of artists to come. VFA Contemporary has invested in a select group of artists we feel are those who remain historically relevant yet innovative and original in their own right. Our collection seeks to represent those who are consummate craftsmen following an intuitive flow in an uninterrupted manner, all taking the necessary steps that will enable their work to have a place in the future, not just a trend of the present.
Vallarino Fine Art exhibits post-war American abstract painters juxtaposed with an evolving group of young emerging artists that are presently being heralded as the new school of abstractionists. We see these contemporary artists as having strong ties to the peer-ran Stable Gallery beginning in the 1950’s and continuing into the early 1960’s. These artists compare their ideologies to those of the Abstract Expressionist group and their days at The Club and their weekly Friday night meetings in the early 1950’s. Our gallery space continues to compare the gestural and intuitive evolution from two generations of abstract artists.


Vincent Vallarino

Vincent Vallarino has many years of experience as an artist, collector and a dealer in fine art. From 1989 until 2006, Mr. Vallarino co-owned The Greenwich Gallery along with partner Abby Taylor. An establishment recognized for the diversity of its offerings of American and European art, The Greenwich Gallery grew to be one of the leading galleries in the United States and among the largest regional galleries in the world. In addition to his work as a dealer in fine art, Mr. Vallarino is also a photographer and collector. His photographs are exhibited in national and international collections and works from his private collections have been donated to such institutions as the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire and the International Center of Photography in New York. Visit his site at