Dylan Lynch

American, b. 1987

Knocked Down, 2013, acrylic on steel, 20 1/2 x 18 3/4 inches

Crowbar Crowbar, 2012, crowbars, 22 x 58 inches

A member of the Brooklyn-based organization The Still House Group, Dylan Lynch constructs sculptures from everyday found objects. Mostly store-bought, Lynch’s materials are selected intuitively, for what he describes as their immediate attraction. Lynch has a profound respect for the interaction of space and material,” he says. “I realized that I wanted to continue this investigation of objects and figure out their capabilities by pushing them to their full potential.” Lynch is interested in rhythm, balance, and gravity.

He reveals his hand in the impossibly delicate and precarious constructions of his pieces—like a baseball balancing in the crux of a crowbar, a folding chair balanced on just two of its feet, or a leaning tower of drop ceiling tiles appearing constantly of the verge of toppling over. Lynch says, “It’s my attraction to motion and rhythm in people that transfers over to that same attraction in the objects I choose and the way I arrange them. I often pick objects whose function relies on movement. I then strive to retain that energy in a frozen state.”