Joe Reihsen

American, b. 1979

Sandy in the Alley, 2015, acrylic on birch panel, 60 x 47 inches

Characterized by the illusion of an excessive amount of paint, Joe Reihsen’s work consists of optics and illusion at play in colors of neon pastels. The mystery of the creation of the work, as digital production or actual studio process, pushes the boundaries of paint as medium. Reihsen’s performative method captures and intensifies the earlier version of his work, leaving behind an acidic rainbow of lines, shapes and smudges that appear to be lifted from the canvas.

His work creates an opposition between his pleasing use of color composition and shapes balanced against the tension in challenging the viewer’s knowledge of the process used. Reihsen’s techniques are entrenched in the history of abstract painting, while still exerting their relationship to contemporary digital art.  With titles like I Should've Gotten Your Number After the Orgy (2013) and Busty Bombshell In Pasadena (2013), Reihsen's paintings whimsically allude to narratives outside the frame.