Christian Rosa

Brazilian, b. 1982

SOLD Untitled, 2014, oil stick, oil paint and charcoal on linen canvas, 71 x 82 inches

Untitled, 2014 in situ at Vallarino Fine Art, New York

SOLD Nusvard, 2013, oil stick and oil on canvas, 35 3/8 x 40 1/8 inches

Untitled, 2014, oil stick, oil paint, pencil and charcoal on canvas, 79 x 94 inches

Untitled, 2014 in situ at Vallarino Fine Art, Studio, Millbrook, NY

Christian Rosa lives and works between Los Angeles and Vienna.  The Abstract Expressionist works of Wassily Kandinsky are a main influence.  Rosa’s practice focuses less on its intellectual engagement and more on the experience of art viewing and the sense of submission to the often unpredictable process of gestural painting.  He creates abstract universes with colored pencil, spray paint, and oil paint, creating a visual code of color and form that stands independently from strict narrative.  Rosa puts trust in mistakes, using them as potential points of further exploration.