Brendan Lynch

American, b. 1985

Rosa, 2013, posters, paint and aluminum leaf on wood, 60 x 57 inches

Brendan Lynch works across a range of mediums, focusing on material abstractions in graphite and aluminum on wood, tie-dyed canvases, and drawings and spray paintings directly on gallery walls. He also frequently works with unusual materials with subtle visual qualities—like surf wax, cigarette ash, sanded paint dust, potato chips, and even collected toenail clippings.

Lynch is a conceptual artist working across media from a big studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, that is shared with many artist friends. He and his group of young artists, many who grew up in Los Angeles as he did, formed a collective called Still House and exhibit and collaborate together. Lynch’s work stands out as the most varied.

Lynch makes fun of laidback West Coast hippies and lazy conceptual artists in his work, while also treading close to those stereotypes himself. Surf wax paintings, tie-dyed paintings and sculptures, “wizard staffs” made from stacked beer cans; these things are a part of Lynch’s life but also the source of problematizing the culture he grew up in and the future of his generation’s relationship to objects.