Augustus Thompson

American, b. 1985

Shared Memory Scenario IV, 2014, India ink and pencil on canvas, 75 x 41 inches

Thompson counterpoises images drawn from consumer culture and those of his own invention. The artist values the handmade and physical, but he does not reject modern technology. Instead, he suggests a delicate coexistence.

His work could be considered bordering on design and art as there was no conceptual motif besides what he wanted to see exist and could piece together in such a certain amount of time. The artist must use what he can afford. Thompson thinks artists have always tried to transform what they have access to. Working in the street it makes more sense to simplify the color scheme for efficiency. As a studio artist, color is a very important aspect to swim around in. It can hold a painting up, and provide the emotion behind the form.

By creating an alphabet of forms and symbols from everyday information, he explores ‘the limits of representational painting while celebrating the potential of a metaphysical practice’.